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Housing stock in Middlesbrough taken from Citadel Community Survey Report 1996

The housing is for the most part, is terraced and is a mix of both private and rented accommodation.  All most half the population is under 30 years of age and has a substantial number of residents of ethnic origin.  On the surface it appears to be a district with wide variations in population with the added dimension of a transient student body.

Almost two thirds of households in the area (4446) live in owner occupied property and most of the remainder live in rented property (2939) of that remainder, 1351 households rent privately both furnished and unfurnished, 568 rent from a housing association and 1020 rent from the local authority.

In the area 3590 households have no central heating.  There are 324 households have no central heating.  There are 324 households considered as over crowded, that is with more than one person per room.  There are approx.' 520 households that are classified as large, that is, having more than three children.

Of the 7636 houses in the survey area, 6322 are terraced (82.8%)

This information would suggest that the area is relatively stable although quite a substantial minority may have insecure accommodation