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The only way forward is for the residents and local organisations to organise and access the funding itself.  Prioritise what the Local area requires and stick to the ground work which is already there, and for Middlesbrough Council to implement the Middlesbrough Local Community Appraisal Report March 1997 (what the people want) part of which is below :-

Community Action Plan 1 to 11 (Point 6)
Local pride project to include environmental audit, community safety initiatives encouraging a better attitude to local property in mobile population.

The 5 Parks Partnership . . . . . are the Residents of  Central Middlesbrough bordered by Newport Rd, Borough Rd, Woodlands Road and St. Barnabas Rd.  Who have got together with local Businesses to set out what they see as problems in the area. The 5 Parks Partnership has begun to find ways to solve some of them.  The project has access to funding from Central Government & European to improve the locality, (more in depth).  The area has a High Unemployment rate, also a high rate of Crime, Drug Taking and Prostitution.  These are a few of the Problems.  The Project has come together to try to combat these problems not just by throwing money at the problems but by Re- Educating.  The project has the Community Council as a resource to get its message across, and if used correctly, and the Residents are involved more, by getting on the Advisory Boards and Forums, this will lead to the Residents being able to make a difference in the area and then the project will able to sustain itself, and a better life for can be had by all.

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