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You can admire the numerous waterfalls as you travel eastwards across the Liri valley to ARPINO, birthplace of Cicero, (Caio Mario) and the artist Giuseppe Cesari, (Cavalier d'Arpino), some of whose works decorate the town. Arpino is built on two hills, a higher one where the original town was situated and where many Roman remains can be seen, and a lower one where most of the mediaeval and later buildings stand. The acropolis is worth visiting to see the remains of the clopean walls and a singular ogival arch whose only existing counterpart is to be found at Mycenae in Greece. The "Gonfalone" festival is held here in  August, with a costume parade, floats festooned with ancient tools and  utensils, competitions and, in the run-up period, a series of sagre of local gastronomic specialties, organised by the various quarters.

"Who's Who" historical people from Arpino (in Italian), more stuff about Arpino part translated in English